From farms to backyards we design nutrient dense and energy efficient systems with a positive impact on the planet. Permaculture, Syntropic Farming, Holistic Management are some of the tools we use and teach.

We come to your property and discuss opportunities and costs of implementing a successful regenerative system.

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We run free and accessible courses, classes, talks and community actions. Our instructors are hands on people who live by what they teach. Let’s change it from the bottom up. You’d be surprised with what you can already do.


We can produce food and energy, harvest water, build our houses and manage our waste in ways that will leave a better planet for future generations. Book a talk and help us to create a better world spreading these ideas.

Guided visits

Visit the Holos Ridge project and learn how we produce food beyond organic standards creating soil, cleaning the air and regenerating the water tables. Our guided visit can be adapted to different age ranges and levels of ecological literacy. Come walk the talk with us.


At Holos we offer courses and training in Permaculture, Holistic Management, Syntropic Farming, DIY Wicking beds and much more. With our Outreach Education Programmes you can host our courses at your own property or location of choice.

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