Joel Salatin’s Egg Mobile System

The main function of the Egg Mobile System is to improve pastures using the egg mobile following. In this case the chicken system moves into a paddock 3 days after the cattle has been moved away from it. The chickens will then sanitise this paddock eating flies, insects, ticks, parasites, etc. that could otherwise be a problem due to the cattle being managed in high concentration numbers (rotational grazing). While providing this sanitation service the chickens also complement their diet. Another function provided by the chickens is to spread the manure left by the cattle in the paddock.

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Join us for an introduction to Permaculture at the Murwillumbah Library (03/06 – 10:00am)

As part of our outreach and community development programmes we will be holding our Introduction to Permaculture Talk at the Murwillumbah Library. This one hour talk will show you how Permaculture can be used to design mimicking nature. You will learn how Permaculture integrates food production, renewable energy, rainwater harvesting and waste management systems to create abundant, healthy and resilient lifestyles. The Q&A session afterwards will give people a chance to clarify their doubts, share their comments and network.

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Native Bees in the Garden

Text Steve Maginnity. Photos by Rob Horton A few years ago a relatively small number of people knew about, or kept, native bees. But the idea of helping to conserve … Read more