We run free and accessible courses, classes, talks and community actions. Our instructors are hands on people who walk their talk. 

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We can produce food and energy, harvest water, build our houses and manage our waste in ways that will leave a better planet for future generations. Book a talk and share this message.

Introduction to Syntropic Farming

This talk brings the the history, principles and applications of Syntropic Farming, the agroforestry system created by Ernst Gotsch in Brazil. Syntropic Farming is a lucrative approach that combines market gardening, agroforestry and bush regeneration in one system. It can be applied from small to large scales.

Introduction to Permaculture

Learn how you can use Permaculture to design abundance and resilience into your life and community. This talk brings examples of lifestyles that are economically viable, ecologically sound and socially just. Get inspired to take action and design the life you want.

Introduction to Home Gardening and Food Security

Did you know that the diversity of the food we eat is decreasing fast? Learn how to propagate plants, save seeds and design home gardens that will produce nutrient dense food for your and your loved ones.

Understanding Energy Efficient Design and Retrofit of Houses

Most of our houses today require huge amounts of money to be maintained and have a gigantic carbon footprint. In other words, they cost a lot to us and the planet. There are strategies and techniques to turn your home into a more energy efficient and healthy environment. Learn how you can retrofit your home to be cool in summer and warm in winter while saving in utility bills.

Understanding and Applying Nature's Patterns

Nature has 4.5 billion years of experience in optimising life and its supporting systems in the planet. This talk takes you to the most efficient patterns nature has found to achieve this miracle. Learning from nature and mimicking its patterns brings a profound sense of belonging, plus it can save us a lot of energy when designing food and energy producing systems.

Water Harvesting and Conservation

The UN estimates that in 2025 half of the world’s population will experience some kind of water scarcity. Learn what you can do to drought proof your home or farm using simple, but efficient techniques. The much needed practices covered in this talk are a blueprint for a future with clear water for everyone.

Guided Visits

Visit the Holos Ridge project in Mullumbimby and learn how we produce food beyond organic standards creating soil, cleaning the air and regenerating the water tables. Our guided visit can be adapted to different age ranges and levels of ecological literacy. Come walk the talk with us.