From farms to backyards we can help improve your production and lifestyle.

Our Workflow

A one stop partner to increase productivity and reduce maintenance the natural way.


We come to your property and assess your needs to recommend ways to enhance production and minimise labor and expenses.


Upon request we produce a detailed plan using well tested regenerative approaches and techniques.


Our team can be hired to install the designed systems with professionalism and expertise


We can take care of your gardens and production systems saving you time and maximising efficiency.

Our Services

Some needs can be met with the use of a single tool, others need a combination of them. Lets talk and see how to have the biggest bang for your buck.

Rainwater Catchment

Save in water bills, increase water self-sufficiency and reduce your environmental impact implementing a rainwater catchment system.

Off grid solar energy

Whether you want to be independent from the grid, tread lightly on the planet or save in utility bills, solar energy is the way to go. We partner with the best service provider in the region to guarantee you receive the best information and cost benefit for your investment.

Land Regeneration

Deforestation, industrial agriculture and badly managed live stock cause loss of topsoil, erosion problems and water table contamination. We use a range of practices to address these problems bringing your land back to production in a regenerative way.

Sythropic Farming

Created in Brazil by Ernst Gotsch, this approach uses the production of horticultural produce to accelerate the establishment of productive fruit and timber forests. Because of its unique approach, when properly managed, this method can be highly profitable from the first few months.

Beyond Organic Garden

We specialise in the design and implementation of edible gardens and wicking beds in urban and rural areas.

Market Gardens

Whether you have a big family to feed or would like to make a living out of your garden, we can help you design and establish a productive and water efficient market garden.

Community Gardens

If you live in an apartment or a house with no space to grow your food, we can help you organise neighbours and friends to establish a Community Garden. From the fist steps until you have you hands dirty, our team will be with you.

Drought and Fire Proofing

Global warming brings with it extreme weather events such as droughts and floods. We can design and implement systems that will drought and fire proof your property, improve the water cycles and assure your safety.

Solar Hot Water

Save in water bills, increase water self-sufficiency and reduce your environmental impact implementing a rainwater catchment system.

Chook Miracle

Keeping chickens will drastically reduce your organic food waste and in exchange will give you highly nutritious beyond organic eggs. We can help you integrate a chicken system to your backyard or farm with a design that will meet your needs.

Legal & Financial

Permaculture and Holistic Management can be powerful tools to design your legal and financial structures. Whether you need support finding the right legal structure to start your regenerative enterprise or a local movement, we can help you out.

Native Bee Keeping

Having a hive integrated to your garden can increase your production in up to 20 %. Australian Native Bess are stingless, easy to keep and produce medicinal honey. In addition some species are in danger of extinction. Plenty of good reasons to call us and start beekeeping straight away.

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Pricing starts at $340 for a half day consultation.